Minecraft Legend - The next generation of Minecraft MMORPG

Minecraft Legend - The next generation of Minecraft MMORPG

Inspired by other successful MMORPGs, such as World of Warcraft, Minecraft Legend tries to position itself in the Minecraft MMORPG area. Since MMORPGs are rarely represented in Minecraft, there is little that can be built on the experiences of others. Nevertheless, Legend has set high goals for itself and has already achieved a lot.

Minecraft Legend

Back in 2014, Gamerstime launched the Minecraft Legend project. Since then, several versions, such as Legend Awakening, have been released. From the previous versions, a lot of experience could be gathered to now set up something big, which the Minecraft world has never seen before.

With a team of almost 100 members, the server is currently being worked on for almost 2.5 years. The server is moving in large steps towards the closed alpha. However, the first sneak peaks have already been published on social media. Some of these sneak peaks can be found on Gamerstimes YouTube channel or on the official Twitter account.

Boss of the dwarfs dungeon


By choosing your faction and your race, you'll start your journey in the world of Minecraft Legend. On this journey, you'll level up your character to the current maximum level of 40. To achieve this goal, you'll collect experience points by completing quests, killing monsters, leveling up your professions and mastering various dungeons.

The initial choice of your class is not final. In the capital city you have the possibility to change your class at any given time. Each of these classes have its own level and can currently be leveled up to level 20.

While exploring the world of Minecraft Legend, you'll encounter monster camps with valuable treasures, solve tricky puzzles and increase your reputation for different factions. To join like-minded people, you can join guilds and groups of up to five people.

To let your imagination run wild, you'll have a plot of land at your disposal, where you'll be able to completely let off steam and thus strengthen your character.

Mystic forest with crystals

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

When will Minecraft Legend be released?
Minecraft Legend does not have a fixed release date. The server will be released when the team is satisfied with the server.

Does it cost anything to play Minecraft Legend?
No. Minecraft Legend will be free to play for everyone.

Will the server have Pay2Win elements?
No. Minecraft Legend wants to be fair for all players.

What ranks can I buy?
Minecraft Legend offers only one rank, Legend+. Legend+ will only be available on a monthly basis. Packages for three or six months can be purchased at a discount. However, there will be no lifetime rank.

Will I get money if I work on the team?
No, you will not get money for working on Minecraft Legend.

Where can I apply?
You can apply through our application portal. There you can always find all open positions.

How can I participate in tests?
To participate in Minecraft Legend tests, you need to actively follow Gamerstimes stream. Tests are mostly conducted with active and long-time subscribers.

Is the alpha open to everyone?
No. The registration period for the first closed alpha is already closed.

Can I create multiple characters?
No. You can only create one character per Minecraft account.

Can I change faction or class at any time?
Your choice of faction is irrevocable. You can change your class in-game at any time.

How do I get the Minecraft Legend Resourcepack?
The Minecraft Legend Resourcepack is downloaded automatically when you join the server. Additionally, a music pack is provided that you have to install manually.

Can I delete my character?
Yes, you can delete your character irrevocably at any time.

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